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Women's Self Defense Program

Gain the combat skills, strategies, and confidence to become your fiercest protector

Self Defense Fundamentals

The Girls Who Fight 16-Week Self Defense Course


Self Defense Fundamentals is our signature 16-class self defense curriculum that teaches you the most essential techniques to defend the most common attacks against women, and how to deter and detect violence.

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Learn the Techniques

Each class teaches you how to defend a specific attack with efficient, effective techniques from Mixed Martial Arts. You'll learn how to defend a range of realistic attacks including punches, grabs, hair pulls, chokes, being dragged to a car, pinned to the ground, and more. 

Learn the Strategies

SDF teaches you critical strategies deter, detect, and defend violence. You'll learn how to become a hard target; identify early danger signs with strangers, acquaintances, and intimate partners; to set assertive boundaries, and more.

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Develop Your Reflexes


In each class you'll develop core combat skills that will become muscle memory. Our Stress Scenario Drills help you experience resistance, stay calm in chaos, and tap into your fighting spirit. 

Get Certified


Students who complete each SDF class four times are awarded with the GWF Purple Rank. Once you have also completed 64 classes in our Women's Mixed Martial Arts (WMMA) program you are eligible test to become a certified GWF instructor and teach the SDF curriculum!

Get Started

You can start the course in any class with no experience. Class is every Saturday from 3-4:15pm.

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Women's Mixed Martial Arts Program

Advance your skillset and become the most bad-ass version of yourself

If you'd like to advance your training, our WMMA program will take your striking, grappling, and self defense skills to the next level. You'll master fundamental techniques, add advanced techniques to your tool-belt, and learn how to combine them all to adapt to any situation. On top of skill mastery, what you get the most from our WMMA program is who you become: the most fit, capable, confident, bad-ass version of yourself.

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Kickboxing Class

Get a fantastic workout learning to box, kick, strike and defend like a pro

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MMA Class

Develop powerful ground fighting skills and learn how to combine striking and grappling

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Why Women Love Training Here

Attentive Instructors

Our students get 100% of our attention, care, and expertise in every single class. You'll get individual instruction and encouragement from day one, and as long as you train with us that will never change.

Positive Friendships

The women in our program are friendly, welcoming, and here to have a good time. No egos, judgement, clicks, or drama. Instead, what you consistently find are uplifting, positive, and trustworthy training partners who bring the best out of you!

Exhilarating Workouts

The best way to stay fit is to find a fun hobby that just happens to be a killer workout. Between learning valuable skills and having so much fun, you're burning 300-500 calories in each class (proven by our dedicated calorie-tracking students)!

"This program has quite literally changed my life"

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"This program has quite literally changed my life! I started Girls Who Fight as part of my healing journey and it has helped me grow in many areas of my life. Since I started I have gained more self-confidence, feel more empowered to use my voice, learned new martial arts techniques, and provided a physical hobby that has helped me lose 20 lbs! The Girls Who Fight program is an incredible experience for women looking to learn different self-defense skills in an uplifting learning environment. Gemma is such an inspiring instructor who cares about the growth of her students and has a wealth of expertise in the world of self-defense/mixed martial arts. The coaches give you in-the-moment feedback to help you improve and also the other women in the class all care about helping each other grow. I could go on, but this is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that I highly recommend!"

Lindsay L.

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Learn Self Defense, Change Your Life

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