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Transforming Women Into Skilled, Confident Protectors

Gain the combat skills, protection strategies, and super-hero confidence that will make you your #1 best protector through precise self defense training you absolutely love.

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We teach women effective self defense techniques for relevant situations women face in the real world.

Confidence. Security. Irreplaceable Physical Skill.

Martial Arts are a proven vehicle to achieve priceless outcomes, so why are so few women in martial arts? Because 99.9% of martial arts programs are designed for men who want to win martial arts competitions, not women who want to learn self defense. Typical martial arts gyms lose female students faster than they get them, which is why they don't bother focusing on them.


We'd argue that women are the people who need effective self defense skills the most. According to FBI data, 75% of people who are kidnapped are female. 89% of people who are sexually assaulted are female. And 45% of female homicide victims are killed by their male spouse. 


Women deserve an exceptional self defense program that's 100% tailored to their objectives and experience. We created Girls Who Fight so women could learn the most effective self defense techniques from Mixed Martial Arts for the threat situations women actually face

— in a completely positive, professional, and friendly environment—

while gaining the physical, mental, and character strength that will transform your entire life.

We're not here to teach you a few tricks, nor are we here to develop competitors. We exist to make you excellent in the precise physical and mental skills to deter, detect, and defend violence; and transform you into a confident person who is willing, ready, and capable of fighting for yourself in all domains.

Women's Self Defense Classes

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Self Defense Fundamentals
The GWF 16-Class Beginner Women's Self Defense Curriculum

Each of the 16 unique classes in the Self Defense Fundamentals Curriculum is focused on a different threat scenario. The purpose of this course is to make every student an expert in the precise skills required to defend common attacks and neutralize the "Core 4" objectives of male attackers: to hit, to move, to pin down, and to choke. The SDF curriculum includes simple, effective combat techniques to defend and escape each attack; strategies to become a nightmare target and detect danger; and training to help you develop reflexes, confidence, and fighting spirit.

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Techniques to Defend and Escape an Attack

The techniques in our curriculum are based in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We select techniques for their efficiency, simplicity, and effectiveness against bigger, stronger attackers. You'll learn how to defend a range of attacks including punches, grabs, hair pulls, chokes, being dragged to a car, pinned to the ground, and more

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Strategies to Detect and Deter Violence

We teach you how to defeat a predators strategy, so you never have to defeat the predator physically. Through video analysis and class discussions, the Four GWF Strategy Sessions teach you how to identify early danger signs with strangers, acquaintances, and intimate partners; and how to never become a target in the first place

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Mental Strength & Fighting Spirit

Our classes are structured with fun challenges and exercises that will help you build the mental strength and fighting spirit to overcome fear and adversity in both self defense and in life



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Self Defense Intermediate

20-Class Intermediate/Advanced Self Defense Curriculum

The GWF Intermediate Curriculum expands on the lessons of the Fundamentals class with additional self defense techniques, technique variations, and improves your core striking and grappling/jiu jitsu skills.



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Bonus Kickboxing Add-On

With De Lima Kickboxing Program

Girls Who Fight students have the opportunity to train in the De Lima Kickboxing Program twice a week to master your striking, get experience sparring, and improve your cardio and conditioning


TUES & THURS 7:15-8:15PM

Training Milestones


Track Your Lessons

We track your lessons on your official training card so you know exactly which classes you've done! You will receive a Certificate of Completion each time you complete every class in a full course curriculum


Earn GWF Ranks

Once you have completed the Self Defense Fundamentals Course four times you will earn the GWF Purple Rank. When you also complete the Self Defense Intermediate Course three times you will earn the GWF Blue Rank.


Instructor Certification

Once you have earned the Blue Rank you are eligible to enroll in the GWF Instructor Training Course and test to become a Certified Instructor and teach the Girls Who Fight Self Defense Curriculum!

–– Get Started ––

Book Your 8 Day Trial Pass


We're dedicated to ensuring beginners have an exceptional experience.

Book your 8-day pass starting any Saturday and get:

✅ 3 Girls Who Fight Classes ($60 value)

- TWO Saturday Self Defense Fundamentals Classes: 3-4:15pm

- ONE Friday Self Defense Intermediate Class: 7:30-8:30pm

✅ 2 Bonus Kickboxing Classes ($40 value)

- Tues & Thurs 7:15-8:15pm


✅ 20 minute private intro lesson

After each Saturday trial class you'll get a 10 minute private intro lesson with the head instructor to sharpen the basics and start you off strong and confident

✅ Free T-shirt ($25 value)

✅ A guaranteed super-welcoming and positive experience

It's intimidating to try something new and a big deal to take your first step in self defense training– so we make new students feel like family, guaranteed

- NO experience necessary

- Wear long leggings and a fitted t-shirt

- Only 4 trial spots are available per week

- Trial passes start Saturday and end after the next Saturdays Class

- Enrollment takes place after your last trial class