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womens self defense classes in dfw

Women's Self Defense Program

Gain the combat skills, strategies, and confidence required to become your fiercest protector.

Self Defense Fundamentals

The Girls Who Fight 16-Week Self Defense Course


SDF is our signature 16-class self defense curriculum that teaches you how to defend common attacks against women and how to deter, detect, and survive violence. You can start the course in any class with no experience. Class is every Saturday from 3-4:15pm.

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Learn the Techniques

SDF teaches you how to defend the most common attacks against women with efficient, effective techniques from Mixed Martial Arts. You'll learn how to defend a range of realistic attacks including strikes, grabs, hair pulls, chokes, being dragged to a car, pinned to the ground, and more.

womens self defense classes

Learn the Strategies

SDF teaches you critical strategies to detect, deter, and survive violence. You'll learn how predators select targets and opportunities; to identify early danger signals with strangers, acquaintances, and intimate partners; to set clear boundaries from the first transgression, and more.

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Develop Your Reflexes

In 16 classes you'll have done over 500 elbows, knees, and blocks; and turned other core combat skills into muscle memory. Training also includes Stress Scenario Drills that help you experience resistance, stay calm in chaos, and tap into your fighting spirit. 

Women's Mixed Martial Arts Program

Advance your skillset and become the most bad-ass version of yourself

Each class in our WMMA program advances your skills in a specific area of a fight: striking (standing); grappling (on the ground); and MMA (putting them both together). Like SDF, our WMMA program is grounded in reality and self defense— you'll master fundamental techniques, add advanced techniques to your tool-belt, and learn how to combine them all to adapt to any situation. On top of skill mastery, what you get the most from our WMMA program is who you become: the most fit, capable, confident, bad-ass version of yourself.

womens kickboxing class highland village tx

tues & thurs 8-9pm
Kickboxing Class

Develop powerful striking skills like distance control, striking defense, boxing, kicks, and other strikes.

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wednesday (coming soon)
Jiu Jitsu Class

Develop powerful ground fighting skills to escape dangerous positions, establish and control dominant ones, defend strikes and use submissions.

womens self defense course

friday 7:30-8:30pm
Friday Night Fight Club (MMA)

A special class where we put all our combat skills together: striking, grappling, and takedowns (wrestling).

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  • What happens when I finish the 20 lessons?
    You complete the course when you finish all 20 classes in the course. For some, this is the end of their self defense journey and for others it's just the beginning. We recommend taking the course as many times as you need to achieve reliable muscle memory of each technique. Once you have completed at least 10 Self Defense Classes, you can join our Advanced Classes where you will learn new techniques, learn how to combine them, and improve you fighting ability.
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Hear From Our Students

"The moves are super practical and they just make sense. The confidence alone that you get from this course means so much."


-Beza G.

"This course is exactly what I was looking for. The classes are just the right size. Each of us got to practice with each other and our amazing instructor, Gemma. I feel so confident and motivated to learn more after this course. I’m so grateful to have found Girls Who Fight!"


-Pearl P.

"I just completed the Self Defense course with Gemma and feel confident that I have moves that I can use if I'm ever in a dangerous situation. During the course she was patient and knowledgeable; she ensured all the participants knew the correct moves before progressing to the next set of moves. I looked forward to every class!"

-Sonia S.

"If you are a woman you need this class! I’m a rising college freshman and had a hard time finding a basic self-defense class that wasn't a martial arts program. Girls Who Fight was the perfect fit! After only four classes I’ve already learned so much. Gemma is a fantastic person, she knows her stuff and will equip you with tons of defenses for common attacks. The classes pack so much hands-on learning into an hour and fifteen minutes and the environment is really supportive and fun even as we prepare for tough situations. I’m so grateful for the skills and community they’ve given me!"
-Ansley C.
"This is exactly what I was looking for, street-smart, straight forward strategies to defend myself without taking a martial arts course. The self defense course exceeded my expectations. I can't believe how much I leaned. Gemma is truly passionate and knowledgeable about helping females defend themselves. I highly recommend it for all women, and this is an invaluable mother-daughter activity."

-Susannah M.

women's self defense workshop dallas

Learn self defense, change your life.

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