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Teen Girl MMA &
Self Defense Program

We give girls the skills to stand up for and defend themselves and the confidence to succeed at everything they do.

Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Self Defense

Our teen girl MMA & Self Defense Program combines kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and self defense training to develop a powerful martial art skillset, while building the character strength and street smarts that will protect and empower her for the rest of her life. Our program is for girls age 12-18.


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Girls learn how to fight and defend themselves on the feet with powerful striking skills like how to punch, kick, elbow, knee, and defend strikes

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Girls learn how to fight and defend themselves on the ground with jiu jitsu skills like how to control dominant positions, escape vulnerable ones, submit an opponent, and use takedowns and throws

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Self Defense


Girls learn our full Self Defense Fundamentals curriculum, which teaches fundamental techniques to defend the most common and realistic attacks, as well as the strategies to never become a target

Meet Your Instructor

Building Strong, Confident Victors From the Inside Out

 GWF teens become:


Change Her Self-Image, Change Her Life.

We strive to be the #1 best investment that parents can make in their children.


Aside from powerful martial arts skills and enhanced personal safety, we guarantee that every girl in our program gains priceless character attributes that will guide her faithfully for the rest of her life— the ones you don't get from school. Every year invested into GWF training results in 10+ years of positive life outcomes from increased confidence, courage, discipline, focus, patience, self-respect, assertiveness, mental, physical, and emotional strength, and an unshakable belief in her ability to overcome and succeed.

These virtues are discussed regularly in our training and our parents regularly notice life-changing social-emotional improvements in their daughters.

Training Pillars

Mixed Martial Arts Training

"Girls Who Fight is one of a kind"

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"GWF is one of a kind. It surpassed our expectations of what we we were initially looking for: a self defence course for our daughter. Instead, GWF is about empowering young women to stand up for themselves, be confident and push themselves to achieve their full potential through martial arts. I am always impressed with the quality of instructors and kindness shown to all students. It is such a supportive environment."

Dirk B.

"My daughter loves Girls Who Fight - the coaches care about the girls and expect them to rise to the occasion with humour and inspiring leadership to support them. They work hard, develop confidence, and have a lot of joy doing it together. We've really loved our experience with GWF"


-Emily G.

It's not about teaching girls to fight,
but to be so confident, capable, and aware
that they never have to.

Physical Self Defense Skills

"The instructors are encouraging, supporting and knowledgeable. It's a welcoming space, even for less athletically inclined girls. My daughter has loved it from day one, and I have seen her confidence and poise soar. She has learned a lot over this past year and is always excited to share her knowledge. I would absolutely recommend this for any girl or young woman."
-Katherine H.

Confidence, Anti-Bullying, Self Defense

If there's anything girls need today it's confidence, awareness, and the ability to defend themselves from bullies and predators. Our fun, empowering program combines self defense and martial arts, bully-proofing and street smarts, and the undeniable confidence building that comes along with gaining these life changing skills.

"My daughter loved the GWF class. Beforehand she was very nervous, but immediately felt comfortable and had a wonderful experience. Gemma is a very gifted instructor and leader! I was so impressed with how she put everyone at ease, as well as her ability to inspire and motivate. I look forward to all the great things my daughter will learn in the weeks ahead. Thank you so much for the warm welcome!"
-Emily L.
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