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Self Defense Training for Women & Girls

We give women the skills to protect their lives and the confidence to succeed at anything they do

The Best Protector A Woman Can Have Is Herself

The Girls Who Fight Program equips girls, teens, and women with the combat skills, street smarts, and confidence they need to become their most effective protector. 


You'll achieve this through structured combat training that's lazer-focused on the most common threats women face in the real world; GWF Strategy Sessions that teach you how to never become a target; and by developing life-changing confidence that results from seeing how much more physically and mentally capable you are than you ever knew. We're not here to teach you a few tricks, nor are we here to develop competitors. We exist to make you excellent in the precise physical and mental skills to deter, detect, and defend violence; and transform you into a person who is willing and capable of fighting for yourself in all domains.

What Makes Us Different

DFW Location

1950 Justin Road #114, Highland Village, Texas, 75077

Toronto Location

Summer Programs : 6 Roper Rd, Scarborough

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