Our mission is to give women the street safety skills needed to avoid danger, the self defense skills to protect their lives, and the confidence to succeed at anything they do.

Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas

Women's Self Defense Course

Our curriculum trains women in fundamental combat skills from Mixed Martial Arts, the defensive techniques for the most common attacks, and strategies to avoid, detect, and respond to violence.

20 Class Course

Dallas Fort Worth

Women 11+

womens self defense course dallas fort worth

Teen MMA Summer Camps

Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and MMA camps for girls and teens that focus on self defense and confidence building.

1 Week Camps

Dallas Fort Worth & Toronto

Girls 8-16

girls martial arts summer camps dallas fort worth

Women's MMA Classes

Our MMA class is a follow up training program for women and teens who have completed our self defense course and want to continue developing jiu jitsu, striking, and wrestling skills.

On-going Weekly Classes 

Dallas Fort Worth

Women 11+

girls and teen mma classes dallas fort worth

Self Defense Workshops

Empowering workshops for organizations that combine physical self defense techniques with practical violence prevention strategies

1.5 hour + Workshops

Dallas Fort Worth, Toronto & Virtual

All ages

womens self defense workshops dallas fort worth


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