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Girls Self Defense & Martial Arts Summer Camp

An epic camp that helps girls become their most strong, confident, courageous self before every school year with the Girls Who Fight self defense and street smarts curriculum


The Girls Who Fight Summer Camp

We teach girls that they have the power, the intelligence, and (with training) the skills to become their best protector

The best protector a girl can have is herself. We equip girls with the combat skills, the street smarts, and the confident belief in herself that will send her back to school more confident than ever, and will protect and empower her for the rest of her life.

girls and teens self defense summer camp dallas and toronto

what girls learn at girls who fight camp

We teach girls effective martial arts techniques for relevant situations young ladies face in the real world.

Every parent wants to equip their little girl with effective skills to protect herself. So why are so few girls in martial arts?


Because 99.9% of martial arts programs are designed for adult men— not girls. Girls show up eager to learn but they're de-prioritized and too intimidated, self-conscious, and bored to enjoy training, so they quit (and rightly so). This is a tragedy because the people who need effective self defense skills the most, and the confidence that comes with it, are young women.


Girls deserve a top quality martial arts program that's 100% tailored to them. That's why we created our flagship program— an epic summer camp that teaches girls relevant self defense skills in the most fun, positive, and confidence-boosting way possible!

Each Girls Who Fight Camp Day Includes:

girls self defense summer camp
Camp Dates

Upcoming Summer Camps

why girls come back to girls who fight year after year!

"My daughter now has confidence that will help her in *all* areas of her life, not just self-defense."

"My daughter now has confidence that will help her in *all* areas of her life, not just self-defense. She can now do things like escape a choke hold, kick, and knock an opponent off balance. She also learned about situational awareness and uses it in her daily life. I love that she learned these valuable life skills while also having the time of her life. We owe Gemma and Girls Who Fight a debt of gratitude"

Jacqueline J.

"Gemma teaches very much needed set of skills as important as writing and reading. This does not compare to any courses my daughter took in the past! She completed a week long summer camp and came back each day to show us what was taught. I can whisper cues such as "confidence" when we walk in crowds and my daughter immediately stands tall and owns her space."

Barbara T.

"The Girls Who Fight summer camp is truly amazing and unique! I cannot praise it highly enough! My daughter LOVED it. Initially, she was enrolled for the first week, but loved it so much that she asked to return for a second week -which she did, and continued to enjoy it quite a lot. In addition to being a lot of fun the camp taught her about street awareness, which she appreciated highly. Together with the martial arts lessons, the street awareness teachings made her more confident when walking on the streets and dealing with strangers. She has a much better sense of what to do to stay safe and to protect herself when needed. I could see her self-esteem and self-confidence increase during the summer camp. That alone would suffice, but I also appreciate that Gemma really knows how to connect with the girls and to create an atmosphere prone to learning, and respecting and treating each other well --everybody was always so nice to my daughter. She can't wait to enroll again next summer!"

Eduardo R.

"My daughter came back much more confident. She felt that she could say no and fight back. That was the pivot point when we realized her confidence had totally grown, and from that point she was not bullied anymore at school. Now my daughters have the mindset that they can and they will protect themselves!"

Four-time Girls Who Fight Camper uses techniques learned at camp to defend a boy who grabbed her at school!

girls who fight self defense summer camp in toronto and dallasjpg

Camp Itinerary

Outcome: Be A Nightmare Target 🥷


Martial Arts → Kickboxing


Girls Who Fight Street Smarts → How to be a hard target with situational awareness, confidence, distance and more!


Self Defense → Defend being grabbed, pulled and pushed


Ninja Challenges & Games

Give your daughter priceless strength, wits, and courage that she’ll take with her everywhere she goes for the rest of her life

The most valuable benefit of Girls Who Fight Camp is the knowledge and character that our girls gain and take with them everywhere they go. Our program teaches girls how to become an effective protector through the three GWF self defense pillars: Deter, Detect, and Defend!

"it's not about teaching girls to fight. 
but to be so confident, capable, and aware
that they never have to"

Watch the Girls Who Fight Origin Story ⚡️

Camp Bonuses

✅ Access to our weekly girls classes

In addition to Girls Who Fight camp, campers will also be invited to train with us in our regular weekly classes for girls (8-12yr) and teens (13-17yr) at no additional cost


✅ Access to our women’s self defense classes

Self defense is an amazing skill to bond over! During camp week we invite campers mothers and sisters to join our weekly classes in the Girls Who Fight Self Defense Fundamentals Program at no additional cost

✅ Your special edition GWF Camp T-shirt

All campers get a complimentary special edition Camp T-shirt, which you can only get at GWF Summer Camp

Certificate of Completion

Campers receive an official certificate upon completion of the GWF Summer Camp Curriculum

girls who fight camper at summer camp

2024 Camp Locations

Camp spots are limited, don't miss your chance to register your daughter in our only summer camps of 2024!

Dallas Camp

Double Five Jiu Jitsu HV

1950 Justin Road, Highland Village TX, 75077

Toronto Camp

Toronto Jiu Jitsu Club

2073 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1J8

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Camp Info Kit & Waitlist

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Strong. Smart. Confident!

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Spots limited, Save Your Daughters Place Today!

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