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We give girls the tools to stand up for themselves and lead confident lives with self defense, martial arts, and street smarts

The Most Important Skills A Girl Can Have

Summer camp is about having fun learning skills you don't get in the classroom. We believe that self defense is as important as reading and writing— so we created a camp to give girls the most important skills in the most fun and confidence-boosting way possible. Each camp day includes:

Girls Who Fight campers gain life changing, life saving self defense skills and confidence that they'll keep for the rest of their lives!

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Dallas-Fort Worth


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The Street Smarts Girls Need

Recognize Danger

Learn the strategies predators use so you can spot them no matter who they come from:

  • learn common lures & tricks

  • how to trust your intuition

  • recognize danger online

Be a Non-Target

Learn how to to be seen as a difficult target by bullies and predators by:

  • being alert

  • presenting yourself confidently

  • standing up for yourself

  • saying no and meaning it

Lifetime Street Smarts

Learn safe habits for situations like:

  • travelling

  • going to concerts/parties

  • waiting for the bus

  • walking to school

Check out one of our

street-smart lessons!

Hear from our campers parent!

GWF camper defends herself at school!

What Parents Say About Girls Who Fight

"My 12 year old daughter came away with basic self-defense skills, but more importantly, she came away with confidence, pride, self-awareness and friendships. The instructor, Gemma is a natural teacher and mentor for the young girls there. She leads them with positivity, laughter, and knowledge, while pushing them to work hard. I have only praise for Girls Who Fight!"


-Emma P.

"I liked the idea of my daughter learning self defence skills but she was not enthusiastic about attending. Her attitude changed as soon as she met Gemma. Her passion, enthusiasm and dedication to her students is apparent upon meeting her and her positive attitude is contagious. My daughter had a wonderful time and learned a great deal in a short period"


-Renee P.

"Gemma teaches very much needed set of skills as important as writing and reading. This does not compare to any courses my daughter took in the past! She completed a week long summer camp and came back each day to show us what was taught. I can whisper cues such as "confidence" when we walk in crowds and my daughter immediately stands tall and owns her space."
-Barbra T.
"My daughter now has confidence that will help her in *all* areas of her life, not just self-defense. She can now do things like escape a choke hold, kick, and knock an opponent off balance. She also learned about situational awareness and uses it in her daily life. I love that she learned these valuable life skills while also having the time of her life. We owe Gemma and Girls Who Fight a debt of gratitude"
-Jacqueline J.
"​Both my girls were with Gemma for a week and I can’t even begin to explain how much they loved it! My older daughter suffers from anxiety. I expected her to come home from the first day and tell me she didn’t want to go back. The opposite happened. This was the first time she enjoyed anything (and we’ve tried them all!) Gemma and her team have such an amazing way with children. I am so incredibly grateful. It’s been a month since camp and both my daughters talk about how much fun they had and still practice all they were taught."
-Irene M.

helping your daughter walk and talk confidently — stand up to bullies — resist peer pressure — recognize and avoid danger — fight for her life — and  never give up on herself

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