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Fight For The One

A self defense and empowerment program for female survivors of human trafficking

One of the biggest indicators of future victimization is past victimization

Fight For The One is a self defense program exclusively for female survivors of human trafficking. Through self defense training and confidence building our mission is to help survivors become less likely to be targeted again, and more equipped to protect their lives if they are.


We aim to accomplish this by making a transformative change in each survivors self-image. From victim— to someone who is confident, capable, valued, and strong, someone who matters and belongs, who is capable of accomplishing so much more, and who is worth defending.

80% of trafficked/exploited women who leave their situations end up back on the street without a safe recovery home

Building Confidence Through Self Defense: Course Pillars

There are currently an estimated 300,000 victims of human trafficking in Texas, including 79,000 minors, per year.

Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, The University of Texas at Austin.

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The Self Defense Course

Our 8-class self defense course covers the defenses to common attacks against women. Lessons include defending strikes, chokes, grabs, hair pulls, being pinned to the ground, and more. Our program was developed with the help of human trafficking survivors who identified the threat scenarios they faced most.

Participants also learn strategies that can reduce their likelihood of being targeted, and how to recognize danger signals ahead of time.

Upon completion women receive a course certificate to acknowledge their dedication and accomplishment.


How Training Self Defense Helps Survivors

Our objective is to foster such a powerful change in each woman's self-image that they present themselves, advocate for themselves, protect themselves, and believe in themselves more confidently—and in turn become less likely to be re-victimized

Improved Confidence

Self defense training is an empowering practice that helps put power and control back into the hands of survivors. Women learn how to present themselves confidently and become more confident in their physical and mental abilities

Lower Risk of Repeat Victimization

Traffickers, like many predatory criminals seek out the most vulnerable targets. Our program teaches women how to be seen as a non-target though awareness, confidence, boundary setting, and risk recognition

Building Resilience

Many survivors are without hope of a better future. Self defense training teaches you that you are capable of so much more than you know. Teaching women to never give up on themselves is at the very core of our mission 


  • I want to sign up but...
    I've never done anything like this before Perfect, our course is designed for beginners like you. I'm out of shape That's ok! The self defense course is not a strenuous workout and you can practice techniques at your own pace. I can't make every class No problem. There is no expiry on your 20 classes when you sign up for the full course, so you can make up any missed classes when you're available. Our course is for women 11+ and is enjoyable for all fitness levels!
  • Can I try the class?
    If you want to try the class, check out our Intro Workshops that are held one week before the start of each unit: Learn about our intro workshops > We do not have a free trial. You can participate in any class with a drop in fee of $50- but we recommend joining the intro workshop for the same price. Register for a drop in class >
  • What happens when I finish the 20 lessons?
    You complete the course when you finish all 20 classes in the course. For some, this is the end of their self defense journey and for others it's just the beginning. We recommend taking the course as many times as you need to achieve reliable muscle memory of each technique. Once you have completed at least 10 Self Defense Classes, you can join our Advanced Classes where you will learn new techniques, learn how to combine them, and improve you fighting ability.
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Book A Free Intro Workshop

Please inquire below to book a free intro workshop! These are exclusively for non-profits that serve survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, or other forms of violence against women. We are currently serving those in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex.

Success! We can't wait to speak with you!

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