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Helping Girls Become SUPER-HERO Level Confident

With the Weekly Girls Who Fight Self Defense and Mixed Martial Arts Curriculum for girls age 8-12

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The Girls Who Fight Self Defense & Mixed Martial Arts Program unlocks the hidden super-powers within every girl

So that by the time she reaches her most vulnerable decade of adolescence she's equipped with the confidence, courage, and most incredible fighting skills that will protect and empower her for the rest of her life.


Every parent wants to equip their little girl with effective skills to protect herself. So why are so few girls in martial arts? Because 99.9% of martial arts programs are designed for adult men— not girls. Girls show up eager to learn but they're de-prioritized and too intimidated, self-conscious, and bored to enjoy training, so they quit (and rightly so). This is a tragedy because the people who need effective self defense skills the most, and the confidence that comes with it, are young women.


Girls deserve a top quality martial arts program that's 100% tailored to them. At Girls Who Fight, girls learn relevant self defense skills in the most fun, positive, and confidence-boosting way possible!

Girls Who Fight Students Become:

Weekly Class Schedule

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GWF Kickboxing


Girls learn the Girls Who Fight Kickboxing Curriculum and develop powerful striking skills like how to punch, kick, elbow, knee, defend, and move like a ninja! 

girls self defense and martial arts class dallas.heic

GWF Jiu Jitsu & Self Defense


Girls learn the GWF Girls Self Defense Curriculum including techniques to defend specific bullying and attack scenarios; The Girls Who Fight Street Smarts Curriculum for how to never become a target, and fun games and challenges to help them develop confidence, mental strength, and fighting spirit!

Training Milestones


Earn Stars + Stripes

We track your lessons on your official achievement card! Every 8 classes girls earn a new white stripe on their belt to recognize progress. When girls have also received 10 stars for demonstrating Black Belt Behavior in class, they receive a special pink stripe on their belt!


Earn Color Belts

Once you have received 4 white stripes and at least one pink stripe on your belt, you will be promoted to the next color belt! The GWF Belt system has 6 belts including: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, and black.


Showcase Your Skills

Girls have the opportunity to showcase their awesome self defense skills in fun Power-Up Self Defense Events where students, family, and friends are invited to a special free self defense seminar!


Book Your Free Weekend Trial Pass!


We're dedicated to ensuring new students have an exceptional experience.

Book your weekend pass and get:

✅ 2 Free Girls Who Fight classes in one weekend ($40 value)

Friday 5:30-6:30pm AND Saturday 2-3pm classes


✅ Two 10 minute private intro lessons

Before each class you'll get a 10 minute private intro lesson with the head instructor to learn the basics and start your daughter off strong and confident!

✅ A guaranteed super-welcoming and positive experience

It's intimidating to be the new girl, so we make beginners feel like family, guaranteed

- NO experience necessary

- Wear long leggings and a fitted t-shirt

- Only 4 free trial spots available per week

- Enrollment takes place after your last trial class

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Taught By Girls Who Fight Founder & Head Instructor Gemma Sheehan!

Hello, I’m Gemma! I'm a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt and ex-MMA fighter with 15+ years experience training and competing in kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I achieved an MMA record of 5-1 and was ranked the best female fighter in Ontario!


In 2017 I retired as a fighter (I was scared of emerging head trauma), but even though I was stepping away from my dream I felt like I could do anything. My martial arts journey gave me immense confidence, significance, physical and mental strength, and conviction that if I worked hard at something I could achieve it.


It’s this life-changing self-belief that girls desperately needed, and gaining super-hero-esque combat skills is a proven avenue to acquire it. It’s such an obvious vehicle for personal growth, so why do so few girls stick to it? Because 99.9% of schools are exclusively focused on adult male competitors, not girls.


Gyms serve the male mass market > girls quit > gyms are re-affirmed they shouldn’t serve girls = almost no girls ever acquire the life-changing benefits of martial arts.

When I left competition, I knew I was the person to change this. I created Girls Who Fight because girls deserve a top quality program 100% dedicated to their needs, growth, and experience. I hope to have the opportunity to share it with you and your daughter one day!

— Gemma

Training Pillars

"it's not about teaching girls to fight. 
but to be so confident, capable, and aware
that they never have to"

Watch the Girls Who Fight Origin Story (2019)⚡️

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"My daughter now has confidence that will help her in *all* areas of her life, not just self defense"

Mixed Martial Arts Training

"This program has quite literally changed my life"