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Martial Arts Classes

We give girls the skills needed to defend and stand up for themselves, and the confidence needed to succeed at whatever they do.

girls classes

Kickboxing & Jiu Jitsu classes for girls ages 8-11. Learn the most important martial arts for real world self defense in an uplifting training experience.

In-person classes returning soon.

teen classes

Kickboxing & Jiu Jitsu classes for girls ages 12-17. Learn the most important martial arts for real world self defense in an uplifting training experience.

In person classes returning soon.

virtual classes

50% high intensity martial arts workouts & conditioning circuits.

50% technical kickboxing and MMA training.

Girls age 6-17.

Energetic coaching and evolving lessons make our classes exciting every time. The whole team sweats, laughs, learns something new, and leaves the lesson feeling revitalized. 

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More Than Martial Arts

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Self Defense

Learn kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu- the most effective martial arts for self defense, and our full 30-move self defense curriculum.

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Our students learn to speak up, stand tall, take initiative, believe in themselves, and face challenges with courage and confidence.

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New friendships and bonds, a sense of belonging and value to the team are one of the things students love most about coming to GWF. 

Physical Benefits of Martial Arts


Martial arts set kids on a path of healthy living, getting them in the habit of regular exercise and improving their cardio and strength.

Body Image

Martial arts helps girls see their body in terms of what it can do, instead of what it looks like.


Martial arts help girls develop balance, body awareness, co-ordination, and flexibility.

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"It's not about teaching girls to fight- but to be so confident, capable, and resilient, that they never have to fight."

Mental Benefits of Martial Arts


Martial arts teach girls that they're capable of accomplishing things they never imagined they could


When you learn how to fight and stand up for yourself, your confidence soars


Patience, consistency, dedication, and persisting through adversity and failure are essential virtues of martial arts

Class Schedule

In-person classes: TBA (returning soon)

Virtual classes: Mon & Wed, 5:20-6pm

In-Person Waitlist

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Toronto, Ontario: 

The Academy Midtown: 33 Davisville Ave

The Academy Scarborough: 6 Roper Road

Fort Worth, Texas:

Location coming soon!