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Our energetic workshops consist of proven physical self defense techniques for the most common attacks, and data-driven attack prevention and response strategies. We empower students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to help them navigate safe and fulfilling lives.

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Self Defense Content

Master The Basics Workshop

  • How to maintain a strong, defensive stance

  • How to create distance from an attacker

  • How to resist a pull or a push

  • How to defend strikes

  • Wrist grab defense

  • How to fall & stand up defensively

  • How to use strikes effectively: elbows & knees

4 Week Course

Everything from the Classic Workshop, plus:

  • Front choke defense​

  • Waist grab defense

  • Ground defense

  • How to use kicks and punches effectively

Street Safety Content

Become a High Risk Target

Develop situational awareness to decrease risk and improve reaction time. Learn how to walk confidently to lower the risk of being targeted.

Recognize High Risk Settings

Learn how to recognize high risk settings so you can avoid them, or take extra safety precautions. 

Attacker Psychology

Learn about the attacker process [Identify Target, Identify Opportunity, Attack & Isolate Victim] and how we can use this to both avoid being victimized and fight back if we are.

Attack Response

Learn the three action steps when responding to a real attack: Delay, Draw Attention, and Fight Back.


Meet Your Instructor

Our workshops are lead by former MMA fighter and Jiu Jitsu brown belt Gemma Sheehan. Gemma accomplished an MMA record of 5-1, a Pan Am Gold Medal in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and the top ranked spot for female fighters in Ontario before she hung up her gloves and started Girls Who Fight in 2017. Since then she has dedicated her life to bringing the life changing value of Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense training to women in Canada and abroad. Now approaching 5 years in business, Gemma has reached thousands of women from the spheres of Fortune 500 companies, to the townships of South Africa, to Universities and local high schools, to First Nations Organizations, and many more. Besides her vast experience teaching self defense, what Gemma brings to every workshop like no other, is a contagious enthusiasm. 

Learn more about our founder and head coach Gemma Sheehan.

"For almost 10 years I have hosted an invite-only conference for clients, and I can say without hesitation that Gemma was one of the most engaging speakers we’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.  She was funny, candid, inspiring and heartfelt.  Her story is both unique and universal, and my audience of business and marketing leaders were truly moved. Gemma is interesting, and inspiring."

-Neil Follet | President, Brightworks

"Since Covid it's been challenging to find activities that keep my Girl Guides engaged. Girls Who Fight kept popping up in Guiding groups, apparently Gemma's got a loyal following! We booked a 1.5 hr online self-defense training session and it was amazing. Everyone, even our shyest girls, participated fully, and Gemma took the time to watch each one on camera and give them all specific pointers and encouragement. She had them laughing and fully engaged from beginning to end."

-Melissa Brydges | Toronto Girl Guides

"I had Gemma Sheehan teach five Virtual Self Defense Workshops at Lambton College and she was amazing every time. Gemma has an amazing energy and is very passionate about the material she teaches. She taught the students practical self defense skills and provided them with a valuable lesson on street safety. All of the students who attended had nothing but amazing things to say about Gemma."

-Ashleigh Carrol | Sexual Assault Prevention Ambassador, Lambton College

"I just completed an 8-week Self Defense course with Gemma and feel confident that I have moves that I can use if I'm ever in a dangerous situation. During the course she was patient and so knowledgeable; she ensured all the participants knew the correct moves before progressing to the next lesson. I looked forward to every Wednesday night. Thank you Gemma!"

-Soula M. | Girls Who Fight Virtual Student

What You Get From Girls Who Fight

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Effective Techniques

We only teach tested, practical moves that will work for everyone, even against bigger opponents.

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Experienced Coaching

Our experienced coaches have taught self defense and attack prevention to thousands of people around the world.


Holistic Approach

From how to avoid being targeted, to how to respond to a threat, our students get the entire picture.

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