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self defense workshops

Intro and comprehensive self defense workshops for organizations and schools in DFW

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Intro and comprehensive workshops that combine physical self defense techniques and street safety strategies. From fortune 500's to the girl scouts, our workshops are engaging and informative for any group. 

Intro Workshop 

A 1.5-2 hour lesson on the most important self defense techniques and strategies. Learn critical basics in a fun, upbeat class.

Comprehensive Workshop

In depth training for groups that want to gain reliable physical self defense skills. Programs vary in length from 3+ hours to 10 class courses.


Street Safety Workshop

A one hour lesson on the strategies that help people avoid, detect, and respond to violence. 


The Girls Who Fight Intro Workshop

Effective Techniques Everyone Will Nail

The Girls Who Fight Intro Self Defense Workshop teaches participants the most important self defense techniques from Mixed Martial Arts. Techniques are simple, effective, and accessible to all fitness levels. Participants will also learn the two key strategies for avoiding violence and the three steps to responding to an attack.

A Blast from Start to Finish

Our workshop is designed for high energy and maximum engagement. Participants get a chance to perform their techniques while being cheered on by their peers in our fun 'self defense challenge' at the end of the class.

Lead by a Former Female MMA Fighter

Workshops are lead by our head coach Gemma Sheehan, a former MMA fighter and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt. We support men teaching self defense- but there is nothing better than an experienced female instructor leading a women's self defense class.

Intro Workshop for Varispace Southlake, 2023