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womens self defense class 20 week course


Learn how to avoid becoming a target and how to defend yourself when you do

What's the best self defense technique?

The one you need in the moment.

At Girls Who Fight, we teach you how to defend common attacks against women with effective techniques. We educate you on the strategies predators use and the strategies you can use against them. And we transform you into a confident person who is willing, capable and prepared to defend her life.

What's Our Training Like?

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Beginner Course

Saturday's from 3-4:15 PM


Our 20-class beginner self defense course covers fundamental combat skills to defend common grabs & drags, ground attacks, surprise attacks and standing attacks

    Start with other beginners

    Follow a structured curriculum

    Track your lessons

    Get individualized attention

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Weekly Classes

Friday's 7:30-8:30 PM


Our weekly classes build on the fundamental skills learned in the beginner course. You'll learn new kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and wrestling skills for self defense and get a great workout!

Learn more about the difference between the course and the class.

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Intro Workshops

Our monthly intro workshops teach you the most essential self defense techniques and strategies in a 1.5 hour class. They're a great way to learn key skills and see what training at Girls Who Fight is like!

DFW: June 24 Sign Up >

DFW: July 29 Sign Up >

Toronto: August 19 Sign Up >

Intro Workshop
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The Benefits of Learning Self Defense

Build Confidence

You'll present yourself more confidently, know how to set boundaries, and become overall more confident in yourself and your abilities

Gain Awareness

You'll become more aware of your surroundings, red flags, and the defensive strategies you can use to lower your risk of being targeted

Become Resilient

Self defense training teaches you that you are capable of so much more than you know. Teaching women to never give up on themselves is at the very core of our mission

Hear From Our Students!

"This course is exactly what I was looking for. The classes are just the right size. Each of us got to practice with each other and our amazing instructor, Gemma. I feel so confident and motivated to learn more after this course. I’m so grateful to have found Girls Who Fight!"


-Pearl P.

"The moves are super practical and they just make sense. The confidence alone that you get from this course means so much."


-Beza G.

"I just completed the Self Defense course with Gemma and feel confident that I have moves that I can use if I'm ever in a dangerous situation. During the course she was patient and knowledgeable; she ensured all the participants knew the correct moves before progressing to the next set of moves. I looked forward to every class!"

-Sonia S.

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Be the victor of your life, not the victim

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