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womens self defense class 20 week course


Our 20-Class Women's Self Defense Course teaches students how to defend the most common attacks against women

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Self Defense Training

Our 20-class course is divided into four units where you will learn how to defend the most common attack scenarios with techniques from Mixed Martial Arts. Lessons range from defending strikes, grabs, hair pulls, chokes, being pinned on the ground and more.

Unit 1. Grabs & Drags  Class 1-5

Unit 2. Ground Attacks  Class 6-11

Unit 3. Surprise Attacks From Behind  Class 12-15

Unit 4. Standing Attacks From the Front  Class 16-20


In the first 30 minutes of each class you will develop core striking skills. In the last hour you will learn two self defense techniques to defend a specific attack. Training includes technique practice, reflex development, and drills that help you experience acting swiftly under the pressure of a simulated attack.

Self Defense Strategy

Self defense also means learning how to avoid becoming a target in the first place. We teach you the strategies predators use so you can recognize danger ahead of time, and the strategies that you can use to become a difficult target. All students learn the skills of avoidance, awareness, threat recognition, and target hardening.

"The highest form of strategy is to attack your opponents strategy" - Sun Tzu

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Skill Progression

Everything about our course is designed to give students a safe and structured learning environment that accelerates progress. Upon arrival you will receive a Course Curriculum that allows you to track your lessons and review all course techniques.

After you've completed ten classes you can join our Advanced Self Defense class to learn new techniques, combine techniques, and improve your fighting ability.

Advanced Self Defense Class >

"The moves are super practical and they just make sense. The confidence alone that you get from this course means so much."

-Beza Getachew

Our Training Method

Our Objective is Self Defense, Not Sport

Our objective is to prepare students to defend themselves against a real attack. Therefore our training focuses on specific self defense scenarios and techniques that can be used to defend them. We are not a combat sport program that prepares students to win tournaments with isolated tools and arbitrary rulesets

A Complete Skillset

Many attacks start standing up but end on the ground. Striking and Grappling (ground fighting) are both essential to a complete self defense system. Our program is based on techniques from Mixed Martial Arts (including Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling) that apply to realistic self defense situations

Thorough & Structured Training

Repetition is the key to effectiveness. Our program is designed to teach you effective techniques and give you the consistent and dynamic training you need to turn technique into muscle memory. We are not a crash course, rather a program for those seeking to develop skills you can rely on for a lifetime

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Start This Weekend!

Class is every Saturday from 3-4:30 pm

Class Schedule >

Hear From Our Students

"Really enjoyed the course. Postures were comfortable for beginners and class was accessible to all levels of fitness. The environment was very welcoming. I highly recommend trying Girls Who Fight if you are considering a self defense class."



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"The height of strategy is to attack your opponents strategy" -Sun Tzu

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