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Every year, we host four comprehensive women's camps.


Learn the 20 core defenses for the most common attacks. Comprised of street-proof and time-tested techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts, our course gives you practical go to defenses for strikes, grabs, chokes, pins, being mounted on the ground and more. In addition to physical techniques, you will learn about situational awareness, prevention strategies, and how to respond to a real threat or attack. Our mission is to leave women confident, strengthened, and prepared for leading a safe and independent life. Women's Camp is open to females aged 12+. Girls over 8 may participate if they have a partner over 12 years old.  


Learn how to:

-use a combat stance

-defend being pulled or pushed

-move & create distance from an attacker

-defend strikes

-use punches, push kicks, knees, and elbows effectively


Learn how to:

-defend single and double hand wrist grabs

-defend waist grabs

-defend bear hugs 

-defend front neck chokes & choke holds

-defend hair pulls


Learn how to:

-break fall & stand up safely

-escape the mount and guard position on the ground

-defend strikes & chokes on the ground

-defend being pinned

-defend against drags by the hands or feet


Learn how to:

-use submissions like arm locks and chokes

-put your techniques together in simulated scenarios

-review course techniques

-street safety training

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Target Prevention Training

training in situational awareness, confident presentation, and other strategies that reduce our chances of being targeted for an attack.

Reflex Drills

live drills that develop muscle memory and reaction timing

Attack Response Training

learn how to respond in a real attack situation with three steps:

Delay, Draw Attention, and Fight Back.

STREET SAFETY curriculum

Situational Awareness

Learn how to be more aware of your surroundings to decrease risk and improve reaction time.

Confident Presentation

Learn how to decrease your chances of being targeted by how you present yourself in public- the greatest factor of target selection.

Risk Recognition

Learn how to recognize and avoid high risk environments and favorable opportunities for crime.

Attacker Psychology

Learn about the attacker process [Identify Target, Identify Opportunity, Attack & Isolate Victim] and how we can use this to both avoid being victimized and fight back if we are.

Attack Response

Learn the three action steps when responding to a real attack:

[Delay, Draw Attention, and Fight Back].

womens self defense class

Effective Techniques

Learn the most effective street-proof techniques from the sports of mixed martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Wrestling.

womens self defense course

Enthusiastic Instruction

Our experienced instructors lead with enthusiasm, positivity, and laughter! Every class is just as much fun as it is valuable.

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Prevention Strategies

Learn how to be aware of your surroundings, lower your chances of being targeted, and respond to a real threat.

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VIRTUAL CAMP 1:  Oct 6 - Nov 24  [Wednesday's, 7- 7:45 pm]

VIRTUAL CAMP 2:  April 4 - May 22  [Wednesday's, 7- 7:45 pm]

LIVE CAMP 1:  August 1 - 4   +   8 - 11

LIVE CAMP 2:  August 15 - 18   +   22 - 25

"The moves are super practical and they just make sense- the confidence alone that you get from this workshop means so much."

womens self defense course review
womens self defense course review
womens self defense course review
womens self defense course review
womens self defense course review
womens self defense course review
womens self defense course review

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Live Training

Our virtual course is taught live on Zoom by two instructors, and includes all the same moves and lessons as our live course.


Partners are highly recommended so that you can practice techniques properly.

Everyone Is Welcome

Our virtual course is the only course that welcome's everyone from your household included in the course fee. Brothers, sisters, moms, dads, and even friends are allowed to join in on the learning and help you practice your techniques!

live virtual CAMP

Our virtual course provides the exact same curriculum as our live courses for half the price, just without live drilling with multiple partners. If you want to start your self defense journey from home, if you can't wait until our in person camp begins, or if you want your whole family to join in with you, this course is for you!

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Our camps sell out, sign up today to secure your spot!