We prepare women for the situations they are most likely to face in the real world with verbal, physical, and strategic self defense skills. Join our 10 week program for women 12+


Learn how to defend the most common attacks with effective techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. We only teach street-proof moves that apply to real-life self defense scenarios

Striking Defense

Defend strikes, control the distance, resist being pulled or pushed, and strike back

Grab Defense

Defend being grabbed, dragged, choked, or constrained. Learn simple escapes and counter-attacks to the most common holds


Ground Defense

Escape and control ground positions; defend strikes, chokes, and pins; and use submissions to neutralize an attacker

womens self defense course dallas fort worth
womens self defense course dallas fort worth

tactical DEFENSE 

The skills that make you an undesirable and unaccessible target

Be A Dangerous Target

Learn how to be a high risk target to criminals, and how to deny an opportunity for attack

Recognize Danger Signals

Learn the strategies and lures predators use so you can spot them no matter who they come from


"The height of strategy is to attack your opponents strategy" -Sun Tzu

fighting spirit 

Your mindset is your greatest weapon. Our course is designed to help you harness the power of your most primal instinct: survival

Stress-Scenario Training

Learn how to act immediately and confidently under the pressure of a simulated verbal and physical attack

Survival Mindset

Get experience tapping into your fighting spirt- the unrelenting will to survive that is necessary to send an attacker into retreat

womens self defense course dallas fort worth

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