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Get all our programs and more from home


girls & teen weekly class

Mondays & Wednesdays 5:20-6 pm

50% high intensity interval workouts & conditioning circuits

50% kickboxing and MMA training

100% fun

Energetic coaching and constantly evolving lessons make our classes exciting every time. In each class, the whole team sweats, laughs, learns something new, and leaves the lesson feeling revitalized. For girls age 6-17.

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Wednesday's from 7-7:45 PM: 8 week course

Week 1: Striking Defense

Week 2: Using Strikes- elbows, knees, kicks, punches

Week 3: Grab defense- wrists and waist

Week 4: Choke defense

Week 5: Ground defense- strikes, chokes, pins

Week 6: Ground defense- escape being mounted

Week 7: Ground defense- escape guard & stand up

Week 8: Street safety and prevention lesson

A partner is recommended, anyone from home can join free!


Monday- Friday, 12 pm- 1:30 pm, Ages 5-16

12-12:25: Workout Session. Fun, upbeat exercise circuits that raise the energy and get everyone sweating!

12:30-1:10: Self Defense Lesson. Girls learn the most important self defense techniques from two instructors.

1:10-1:30: Street Safety Lesson. Girls learn the most important rules to stay safe on the street.

A partner is recommended for the self defense portion. All members of the household are allowed to join in on the whole camp for free!

Girls receive a Camp Hero worksheet where they can make notes on Girl Safe lessons. At the end of each day, the group plays Ninja Jeopardy where girls get a chance to answer quiz questions about what they learned and earn points for their team. 

*Winter & March Break Camp Enrolling Now

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Half The Price

Our women's camp includes the same training curriculum as our live camp, at half the price. Girls camp has a shortened curriculum

The Whole Family is Welcome

Virtual camps are the only program that can be joined by everyone from your household at no extra cost: brothers, sisters, moms, and dads

Taught By Two Instructors

Our virtual camps are taught by two instructors. It is recommended that students have a partner for these programs. The virtual girls class is solo!

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virtual workshops for groups

The Self Defense & Street Safety Seminar (1.5 hours)
Hour 1: Self defense techniques including how to defend strikes, create distance from an attacker, strike effectively, and defend grabs.
Last 30 minutes: Street safety and prevention strategies- situational awareness, presenting yourself confidently, and how to respond to a real threat.

We have lead dozens of virtual workshops for clients like Girl Guides, The Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls Org, Lambton College, and many more.

*Seminars can be tailored to meet your needs

virtual self defense workshops toronto

You CAN gain real skills and have a great time learning self defense online. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!