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Learn the personal safety strategies that help you avoid, detect, and respond to violence in our two hour live virtual training

The Course


"The height of strategy is to attack your opponent's strategy" -Sun Tzu

To protect ourselves from the common types of attacks; we must first understand how they happen. By understanding how predators choose victims, we learn how to become high-risk targets. By understanding how predators select and create attack opportunities, we learn how to deny them access to us. By understanding the tactics that predators use, we learn how to recognize threats ahead of time. Our training teaches you what attackers look for and how to deny it to them at every stage.

Essential Self Defense Strategies

Be a High Risk Target

  • situational awareness

  • presenting yourself confidently

  • verbal assertiveness​

  • How to say No without compromise

Deny Attack Opportunities

  • protect your personal space

  • understand tactical positioning​

  • learn the common lures and how to respond

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Recognize Danger Signals

  • trust your intuition

  • recognize the common behaviours predators use to gain trust

Respond to an Attack

  • learn the steps that are statistically proven to improve survival chances in a real attack: delay, draw attention, and fight back​


Who Should Join

This course is designed to teach practical self protection strategies to people of all ages. If you're a woman who wants to be safer during every day activities; a young adult preparing for collage life; or a parent who wants their kids to be more aware and prepared, this training is for you. One registration covers 4 family members learning from the same device.

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