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self defense workshops
and events

Intro Self Defense Workshops

Our monthly intro workshops cover the most essential self defense techniques and strategies in a 1.5 hour class. They're a great way to learn key skills and see what training at Girls Who Fight is like! We rotate through 4 unique workshops, each with a different focus and set of techniques:

Standing Attack Defense

September 30th 2023 >

*Special Event with Raising Tactical Daughters!

Intro Worshops

Special Free Workshops

Don't miss our annual self defense events! These workshops are free but you must register to save your spot ahead of time.

Back-To-School Anti-Bullying & Self Defense Workshop

Girls age 7-16 and their moms

Saturday January 14th >

Mothers Day Self Defense Workshop

Moms and daughters age 8+

Friday May 10th >

Our 2023 Mother's Day Workshop was a blast!

self defense course for college girls dallas fort worth.jpg

Off-To-College Self Defense Course

This course is for girls age 16-20 who are preparing to go to college. Students learn physical self defense techniques to defend common attack situations and focused street-smart and collage-smart strategies for recognizing and avoiding danger on and off campus. The course is four one hour classes that take place during the month of June.

Next Course

June 1st - June 22nd 2024

Opening Soon!

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