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We give girls the self defense skills to protect their lives and the confidence to succeed at anything they do

The Self Defense Skills Girls Need

Strong · Smart · Confident

If there's anything girls need today it's confidence, awareness, and the ability to defend themselves against bullies and predators. Our weekly classes for girls age 8-12 combine mixed martial arts, bully-proofing and street smarts with the life changing confidence that comes with gaining these super-hero skills!

Physical Self Defense Skills

Mixed Martial Arts Training

+ The Skills to Never Become a Target

 Girls in our program acquire life changing, life saving self defense skills and confidence that they'll keep for the rest of their lives.

Camps & Workshops

Physical Self Defense Skills


How Self Defense Changes A Girls Life

Mental Strength

Martial arts helps girls develop mental strength and courage. Girls learn how to:

  • overcome adversity

  • never give up on themselves

  • never count themselves out

Physical Competence

Martial arts exercise the entire body and mind. Girls:

  • develop co-ordination, agility and balance

  • form early exercising habits

  • learn to see their bodies in terms of what it's capable of— not what it looks like


Every girl must walk her own path one day. Self defense gives her the skills and smarts that will keep her safe. She'll:

  • be aware of her surroundings

  • be able to trust her instincts

  • notice danger signals

  • say no when she means no

  • have the skills to defend her life

Check out one of our

street-smart lessons!

Hear from our students parent!

GWF student defends herself at school!

What Parents Say About Girls Who Fight

"Gemma takes the time to connect with the girls. Her program and the connection she and the other coaches have with the girls has inspired my daughter to try hard, push herself harder and accomplish more than she ever expected. I can not recommend Girls Who Fight enough."

-Trish B.

"My daughter loves Girls Who Fight - the coaches care about the girls and expect them to rise to the occasion with humour and inspiring leadership to support them. They work hard, develop confidence, and have a lot of joy doing it together. We've really loved our experience with GWF"


-Emily G.

 "GWF is one of a kind. It surpassed our expectations of what we we were initially looking for: a self defence course for our daughter. Instead, GWF is about empowering young women to stand up for themselves, be confident and push themselves to achieve their full potential through martial arts. I am always impressed with the quality of instructors and kindness shown to all students. It is such a supportive environment."

-Dirk B.

"The instructors are encouraging, supporting and knowledgeable. It's a welcoming space, even for less athletically inclined girls. My daughter has loved it from day one, and I have seen her confidence and poise soar. She has learned a lot over this past year and is always excited to share her knowledge. I would absolutely recommend this for any girl or young woman."
-Katherine H.
"If it was possible to give a better than perfect rating to Girls Who Fight, we would. Our 12 year old daughter has a keen interest in martial arts, but there is no place she is more enthusiastic or passionate about than Girls Who Fight, and no member of this community she adores as much as Gemma. She provides excellent training, stimulates personal growth, develops trust and confidence, and has helped make our daughter in to the amazing young woman she is today. We're forever grateful."
-Jason R.B.

Confidence, Anti-Bullying, Self Defense

It's not about teaching girls to fight- but to be so confident, so capable, and so aware that they never have to.

If there's anything girls need today it's confidence, awareness, and the ability to defend themselves from bullies and predators. Our fun, empowering program combines self defense and martial arts, bully-proofing and street smarts, and the undeniable confidence building that comes along with gaining these life changing skills.

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