Our camp program is a fun way for girls age 8-16 to learn self defense, martial arts and street safety skills. We give girls the tools that help them stand up for themselves and lead confident lives.

Week 1

kickboxing camp +

Striking Defense & Street Safety

girls mma self defense camp
girls martial arts kickboxing camp dallas fort worth

Week 2

Jiu Jitsu camp +

Ground Defense & Street Safety

girls self defense summer camp.jpg
girls mma self defense camp

Week 3

mma camp +

Takedown Defense & Street Safety

girls teen mma self defense camp

The camp hero experience

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Toronto, Canada

Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas



the street safety skills girls need

Each camp includes training in the strategies that help girls avoid, detect, and respond to violence

Being A Dangerous Target

How to be a dangerous target and deny attack opportunities. Lessons include situational and virtual awareness, confidence, saying no, and more

Recognizing Danger Signals

Learn the strategies predators use so you can spot them no matter who they come from. Lessons include trusting intuition, learning common lures, and more

Common Sense Safety

Girls leave our camp with safety tips for common situations that they can use for their entire lives: walking to school, traveling, big crowds, and more

"Fantastic program! My daughter was empowered and excited to have some fighting skills and she's keen to go on to the next level. Girls need to carry themselves confidently and be aware of their surroundings, and Gemma does a fantastic job of balancing street smart education with fun, energizing martial arts."

Erica W.

girls teen mma self defense camp
girls teen mma self defense camp

Beginner Friendly Fun Training

girls martial arts camp jiu jitsu kickboxing dallas
girls martial arts camp dallas

Real World Skills; Real World Confidence

girls teen mma self defense camp
girls mma and jiu jitsu camp dallas fort worth

Experienced & Energetic Instructors

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